Monday, January 8, 2018

Thatcher Creek Peak

Summits: Thatcher Creek Peak - 8235'
Date: 01/01/2018
Range: Sawtooths
Distance: 6.6 Miles
Elevation Gain: 1866'
Partners: Dave, John F., Tamara, Michael, John P., and Ruby

The forecast was clear for Sunday and New Year's Day so I planned on heading to the high country for a snowshoe.  With winter just starting  (barely) I had not done much that was TR worthy.  When Super Dave invited me for a snowshoe of an unnamed peak west of Thatcher Creek I was in since most of my trips are solo.  I had not met Dave before but we exchanged emails before about Mount Williamson since he and Michael both did the peak a year before I did.

All of us rode in Super Dave's SUV to Banks where we met John P. at Banks.  We arrived at the trailhead shortly after nine and walked along the road for maybe a quarter-mile before heading uphill to gain the north ridge.  We took turns breaking trail as most of us sunk in quite a bit.  Unlike Copper Mountain a few weeks earlier where I broke trail nearly the whole way, I was a bit worn out after doing Wilson Peak, Soldier Cap, and Cervidae the day before (5800' in elevation gain).  Once on the ridge the snow conditions were not bad so I broke trail for the last 1.5 miles.  Near the summit the ridge was a bit undulating but we soon reached the top.  The view from the top was not great and with a slight wind we decided to have lunch just below the summit.  From there Cabin Creek Peak and the northern Sawtooths were visible.  The best views were below the summit as Bull Trout Point and the Sawtooths were clearly visible.  I discussed bigger peaks with John P. and Michael on the way back.  We reached the car roughly 5.5 hours after starting.  By the time we reached the car it was a sultry 25 degrees!

Thatcher Peak was a great way to start off the new year, especially since I rarely hike in a group.  While the summit may not have had great views, other parts of the hike did.

Thatcher Peak 

Cabin Creek Peak 

View of the Sawtooths

Dave and Michael at the Summit
Summit Selfie 

Splattski TR -

John F TR -

Dave's TR -